Democracy USA Colloquium



There will be three colloquium throughout the fall.  They will offer an opportunity for students from the Formally Participating Courses to share their knowledge with each other.  The purposes of the colloquium are to:

(1) Showcase the knowledge of students and faculty in different disciplines

(2) Offer students a chance to be experts in their particular areas

(3) Expose students to different points of view

(4) Demonstrate the value of interdisciplinary learning

(5) Develop a broader understanding of the elections


October 11 Colloquium

Explores what history, religion, and philosophy have to tell us about the election.

November 13 Colloquium

Explores what political scientists, the HPU Poll, and other national polls tell us about the election.

December 3 Colloquium

Showcases the work of the Nido Qubein School of Communication students who have been covering the election.